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  The Honeymoon Is Over! 22 Million Workers Are Divorced From Their Jobs And Disengaged From Their Work
by Eva Jenkins - Sep, 2006
There is a nationwide concern about America’s “divorce rate,” but they’re not talking about matrimony. “The increasing number of American workers who are divorced from their jobs and completely disengaged from their work is shocking,” says Eva Jenkins of VIP Innovations. “More than that, it’s costing businesses a fortune in lost productivity and revenue.” Dismissing charges that 21st Century workers are slackers or poss...
  Message to Unemployed White Collars: It's Not The Economy Stupid, It's The Hiring Practices
by Eva Jenkins - May, 2006
Slipshod hiring practices, managers and ineffective corporate recruitment policies are to blame for white-collar professionals unable to find work “White collar professionals who can’t find work in the 21st Century shouldn’t blame the economy only,” says Eva Jekins of VIP Innovations. She cites “incompetent corporate recruiting practices” and “under-trained, over-tasked hiring managers who don’t prioritize the importance...
  Retaining Staff is Critical – What is Being Done to Counter Attrition?
by Eva Jenkins - Mar, 2006
Eva Jenkins warns companies not to loose their grip on the old while reaching for the new “There’s a hole in the bucket,” warns Eva Jenkins. “And that’s no way to be prepared for the coming flood. Jenkins, principal at Washington-based firm VIP Innovations, is a respected leader in the field of staffing and human resources issues, is waving a red flag at the majority of businesses who are likely to find themselves on the s...
  The Revolution in Management Training: How 21st Century businesses conquer the hard job of teaching 'soft skills'
by Eva Jenkins - Nov, 2005
The 21st Century business revolution has transformed the previous generation's 9-5 workplace. In many corporations, the environment is anything but "corporate" with telecommuting, flexible hours, and virtual offices that allow employees to turn their homes into launching pads for success. Businesses of all sizes now realize that replacing traditionally restrictive work policies with humanistic, employee-centric models can re...
  Training Failure Translates Into Squandered Capital That No Company Can Afford to Lose in Next Decade -- People
by Eva Jenkins - Aug, 2005
Leading expert calls for investment in human capital management and soft skills training for a better ROI In the next decade, 22 million new wage and salary jobs will be created in the U.S., but only 17 million people will be entering the workforce. (Source: The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) 2004-2005 Workforce Forecast). Attracting workers will become a more competitive game, and retaining workers will be es...
  Is a Resume the Abacus of the 21st Century?: When it comes to assessing 'human capital,' resumes just don't add up
by Eva Jenkins - Mar, 2005
In the old days…when "hardware" referred to hammers and nails and a conversation about "software" usually included the topic of cashmere sweaters…a resume and an interview were all that was necessary for hiring managers and recruiters to identify top candidates for their companies. However in today's technology-driven marketplace, says recruitment professional Eva Jenkins, "Companies who want only the very best people on staf...
  Want a High Performance Organization?
by Eva Jenkins - Jan, 2005
For a while now we have been hearing a great deal about High Performance Organizations and High Performance Management and how achieving high performance will improve your business. In fact in today’s technologically advanced, global economy high performance is not an alternative it is a requirement for all businesses that want to prosper in the years to come. The terminology of high performance sounds pretty straightforward...
  Do You Have a Time Bomb In Your Reception Area?
by Eva Jenkins - Jun, 2004
You have a position open in your company. You’ve posted an ad, reviewed the resumes, and called in people who appeared to be qualified. In fact one of them is sitting in your reception area right now. Tired of the costs and time required to continually fill open positions, you think to yourself that this may just be the right person for the job. But in reality, that supposedly well-educated individual with a top-notch resu...
  Motivate Employees with Fairness, Not Fear
by Eva Jenkins - Apr, 2004
Happy employees are motivated employees. They are the bedrock on which successful enterprises are built – a fact demonstrated by numerous independent surveys. Without doubt, happy workers boost the bottom line through increased productivity and higher retention rates – not to mention money saved on training new employees. It’s too bad, therefore, that many owners and managers continue to “inspire” their employees with tacti...
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