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  Overcoming Salary Negotiation Anxiety
by William Lemerond - Nov, 2009
Negotiating salary is, for most people, the hardest part of the job search and interviewing process. When salary negotiation time comes, it is the cause of considerable anxiety. Job seekers normally think the salary offer is a one-time shot and they either have to “take-it-or-leave-it”. Some candidates fear they’ll be perceived as greedy or only “in it for the money” if they ask for more money. However, negotiating salary is a...
  The Skinny on Employee Compensation: It’s Getting Skinnier and What Does That Mean for Job Seekers?
by Barbara Safani - Oct, 2009
Over the past few weeks I’ve been culling information from various compensation surveys, HR Magazine, and presentations by Mercer Consulting and ORC Worldwide to investigate compensation benchmarks for 2009 and trends for 2010. Here’s what I have learned and what I believe to be the implications for job seekers. 2009/2010: Compensation Data: What’s Up? According to research conducted by ORC Worldwide, hiring is up in c...
  Salary Negotiation Words to Lose and Use
by Barbara Safani - Sep, 2009
I recently saw Sam Horn, author of “Create the Perfect Pitch, Title, and Tagline for Anything” at the NRWA conference. Sam talked about the power of words when presenting ideas and discussed what she called “words to lose” and “words to use.” I started thinking about the importance of dropping “losing” words from salary negotiation conversations and replacing them with winning words to preserve the relationship the job seeker...
  How To Ask Your Boss For A Raise
by Christine Hassler - Sep, 2009
If you want to increase your net worth, increase your self-worth first! It sounds like your confidence at work could use a raise as well. My guess is you are under-valuing yourself and bringing insecurities from your past into your present. I encourage you to make a list of all of your strengths, skills, completed tasks, and lessons learned from not just this job but your entire work history. While you are doing this, do not m...
  Salary Negotiation: How Much Are You Worth?
by Barbara Safani - Aug, 2009
I recently sat down with Jennifer Loftus, National Director for Astron Solutions. Jennifer develops, designs, and implements base pay compensation systems and she is an active member of SHRM’s Total Rewards Special Expertise panel. I asked her some of the questions job seekers often have about compensation and her responses should be required reading for anyone looking to better manage the salary negotiation conversation with...
  Negotiating Salary with the Job Offer
by John E. Long - Aug, 2009
In the current economy, you might be questioning if there is any "wiggle room" to negotiate the salary level with a new job offer? There is no doubt that the present job market is extremely competitive. Many companies are taking their time and being very cautious when selecting candidates to fill key roles. The experts can continue to debate whether we are or are not in a recession. But job seekers are well aware that the c...
  Keep Salary Demands Where They Should Be
by Beth Colley - May, 2009
Just because the job market is a bit tight right now, it’s important to keep your salary demands where they should be once you start negotiating the offer. Employers who are hiring, need to hire good people. It’s important to remember, that employers know what they can pay, and they wouldn’t be talking to you if they didn’t know what you were worth. Don’t low ball yourself, just because you think that they company can’t pay...
  Performance Reviews in a Down Economy
by Joe Turner - Jan, 2009
If you're expecting a performance review soon, understand that there's no place to hide nowadays. Over the years, the corporate performance review has been seen as the ticket to our annual raise or quarterly bonus. Perhaps so much that it's become almost automatic in our thinking. This will be a big mistake in the 2009 recession and continued economic downturn. This obsolete way of thinking will certainly net you less in...
  Going Back to Work When Companies are Downsizing
by Marcia Robinson - Jan, 2009
Over the last few months job seekers have increasingly shared their concern that more layoffs have increased competition in the job market. With more qualified workers in the market for jobs, some career reentry professionals are concerned that the more qualified competition will make it harder for them to find work. It is a scary time for workers who are considering career reentry. My advice for career reentry professional...
  Back to Basics
by Kimberly Schneiderman - Dec, 2008
In this time of corporate upheaval, economic downturn, and general uneasiness, many job seekers rush to get resumes out and to set up interviews. In this rush, simple details that can make a candidate stand out among their peers are often left by the wayside. Today, we’ll review these job search basics and define why adhering to these ideas will help you get the attention you want from recruiters! Make Connecting Easy Us...
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