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  Tutorial: Analyzing The Offer
by Debra Wheatman - Jan, 2010
When it comes to analyzing the job offer there are some key things that you should be reviewing to determine whether or not the position is right. Of course if you have made it this far, chances are you like the company and they like you. But how much do they really like you? Is it worthwhile to leave (if you are currently employed) or accept vs. continuing the search for something more suitable? Since you are not going to...
  Nail Your Next Job Interview - Seven Key Strengths to Leverage During Negotiations
by Dee McCrorey - Jan, 2010
Everyone has a unique negotiating style that when effectively used becomes your calling card in building healthy relationships. So often in business, professionals focus on their weak areas and less about the value they bring to the deal. How does this apply to you when interviewing for a new position inside your organization or outside the company? Interviewing for a new position provides you with an opportunity to conn...
  Is A Raise In Your Future For 2010?
by Mary Sherwood Sevinsky - Jan, 2010
Are you considering asking for a raise, but are fearful about the outcome? It may be time to ask for a raise if it has been a year or more since you received a raise or you have done exceptionally good work in the past 6 months. Do not ask for a raise unless you this is the case. If you are uncertain about your standing with your company, you may want to read, “Am I Being Leveraged Out Of A Job?” Good employers want to kee...
  New Year, New Career: The
by Ford R. Myers - Jan, 2010
Do you hope to get your career on track in 2010, with more power and momentum than ever before? Even though we’re in a very challenging recession and a very bad job market, do you want to “buck the trend” and create breakthrough results? Are you prepared to create the focused and productive career that you know you are capable of having – one that will give you great satisfaction and financial reward? More than 75% of adult...
  Three Reasons You're Earning Less Than What You're Worth
by Tai Goodwin - Dec, 2009
Recently, I began reflecting back to when I began my journey towards earning a 6-figure income in corporate America. I remember spending a lot of time in blame mode. First, I blamed the system for not paying teachers enough. When I left teaching to join the corporate world, I blamed my job for not paying me enough money and my boss for not offering me a raise when I was clearly performing above and beyond expectations. Ch...
  'Fair' Compensation of Employees: A 10-Point Inspection
by Stephanie Thomas, Ph.D. - Dec, 2009
The issue of fairness is a dominant theme in today's employment environment. Employers and employees alike are concerned about equity in all areas of employment, from hiring decisions to promotion opportunities, to compensation and benefits. How does an employer know whether its employes are being 'fairly' compensated? Examining the compensation structure is best done through a comprehensive self-audit. This self-audit is t...
  Wages Linked to Length of Service Discriminatory? An Economic Perspective
by Stephanie Thomas, Ph.D. - Dec, 2009
Is a compensation system that links pay to length of service discriminatory? The UK Court of Appeal thinks so, according to the October 20, 2009 ruling regarding Christine Wilson's allegations. Ms. Wilson, an inspector with the Health and Safety Executive, claimed her pay agreement with the body was unfair because it was linked to length of service. She claimed the agreement was 'prejudiced against females' who broke their...
  How Can I Negotiate a Better Salary Offer?
by John Crant - Dec, 2009
How Can I Negotiate a Better Salary Offer? - Signed I just want what I deserve. We all want what we deserve. Unfortunately, what I call the ‘Unwelcome Truth’ usually gets in the way. The Unwelcome Truth: Companies usually pay based on pay history, and they are not typically basing their offers on what you will bring to the company, or on what you will produce for them. That’s an equation that most individuals who st...
  My Annual Review Is Next Week. How Can I Get Something Else If They Cannot Raise My Salary?
by John Crant - Dec, 2009
Question: My Annual Review is next week. How Can I get Something Else if They cannot Raise My Salary? - Lone-Wolf Standing in My Department Congratulations! That may seem strange given the situation that you are describing of being the ‘last one standing’ in what was formerly a larger department. But, the congratulations are for not letting it stop you, or holding you back from going after SOMETHING during your Annual Re...
  Think Threatening To Leave To Get a Raise is a Good Idea? Think Again.
by Dawn Bugni - Nov, 2009
“I’m underpaid. Should I threaten to leave to see if I can get more money?” This question netted a visceral response from me because of my recruiting background and I don’t like the threat game. Either do it or don’t, but don’t threaten actions to get your way. The list of 10 reasons not to accept counter offers (below) harkens back to my recruiting days. Nothing is worse for a recruiter than a candidate using the recruiter...
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