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  How to Make your Case for a Promotion
by Nimish Thakkar - Sep, 2010
Want a promotion? Let me guess the response. I estimate that over 80% to 90% of individuals never ask for a promotion. Worse still, of those who do, over 95% don’t plan well enough before pitching for it. Considering what’s at stake, it is surprising that so many individuals don’t have a robust plan to achieve their career goals. If you have repeatedly lost out on a promotion to an “unworthy” contestant, it may be time to...
  The Art of Navigating Compensation
by Lou Adler - Jun, 2010
PART I As the economy strengthens, negotiating compensation will become a huge part of the recruiting puzzle. Before you even get to the negotiating part, navigating through the maze of compensation issues will become a prerequisite for sourcing, recruiting, and hiring great talent, whether they’re passive or active. This series of articles will help you handle candidate compensation issues at every stage of the process....
  How Much Is Too Much To Ask For When It Comes To Your Career?
by Elizabeth Freedman - May, 2010
We’ve been told to be assertive, and ask for what we want – but do we cross the line when it comes to our careers? As a former fundraiser, I was taught to ask for the money – we can’t expect people to read our minds or to hand over their checkbooks. And, I’ve seen enough ‘Oprah’ by now to know that, no, I can’t expect my husband to know that, yes, I really did want to get a huge bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day, not ju...
  Negotiating is an Art
by Debra Wheatman - Apr, 2010
Negotiating is an art, no doubt. Done correctly it will lead to victory. Done poorly it could lead to failure. When it comes to negotiating salary and other benefits in the workplace, nothing makes people more uncomfortable. He who talks money first loses as they say. Why? Well, it’s because the minute you reference your previous salary, the other side has a distinct advantage. If you reference a desired salary, you may put...
  Promotions Are on The Rise - That's Good News For Everyone
by Robin Ryan - Apr, 2010
Hiring opportunities exist, but it's not the unemployed that employers are looking at first - it's their own employees. Professionals, managers, and executives are finding that the doors are open if they want to move up - internally, that is. Working with my career counseling clients - those who are employed and seeking promotions, as well as laid-off workers - I have noticed a significant increase in hiring activity during th...
  How Much Are You Worth? Top Five Salary Survey Sites
by Sharon Cohen - Apr, 2010
How much are you worth? What 5 Factors can have a huge impact on your Salary? What are the x5 best Salary Survey Websites? As a Business Career Instructor at the Robinson College of Business, one of the MBA courses I teach is about salary negotiations.My MBA students always ask "how much am I worth?” My answer is “it depends.” People may conclude that salary advising is straightforward, for people with the same deg...
  Negotiate Salary Like a Pro: Know Your BATNA, Resistance Point and Opening Offer!
by Sharon Cohen - Apr, 2010
• Can you negotiate for a better salary during a recession? • What is your BATNA and Resistance Point? • Who makes the Opening Offer? • What else should you negotiate, when accepting a new job? In last week’s article, we reviewed the intrinsic factors for career satisfaction and the seven sources of psychological motivation. Take the time to analyze what is truly important to you and what you need for career satisf...
  Salary Requirements
by Judi Perkins - Apr, 2010
Aside from "Why did you leave?” the question "What are your salary requirements?" is probably the one that causes job seekers the most discomfort. The company holds all the cards, and they're not letting you peek. You know that if they don’t like your answer, you might easily kill any further discussion. As if the question isn't awkward enough at any time, it's usually asked at the beginning of the process during a phon...
  Avoid Mistakes and Negotiate the Salary That You Desire
by John Crant - Feb, 2010
Mistakes that people make when looking to negotiate salary: Negotiating salary can be one of the most challenging aspects to handle properly, and to your advantage, when seeking a new career opportunity. In times of economic challenge, such as a recession or long recovery period, every business is looking to do more for less, and that affects offers made to those that they look to hire. Workloads for current employees have...
  Frustrated About Your Performance Appraisal? Time To Take Control
by Dawn Lennon - Feb, 2010
Here we go again! It’s time for the annual performance review, an experience that creates either euphoric satisfaction or stunned disbelief. Anything in the middle feels like a dull thud and doesn’t amount to much. Once we get our rating news, we’re left with several options: reach higher, get better, give up, or hide. Performance reviews often feel like verdicts by a one person jury. That’s because the process for ev...
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