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  Going Green to Enhance Your Employment Branding Efforts
by Lizz Pellet - Dec, 2007
So, you think creating an employment brand will help your organization attract, retain and repel employees – you are right on! Companies large and small are seeing a significant increase in the ROI of recruitment and retention programs by creating an employment brand. This one human resources initiative can be a significant differentiator for companies who are looking to attract and retain top talent and repel employees who...
  If You Keep Doing What You've Been Doing You'll Keep Getting What You've Been Getting
by Eva Jenkins - Dec, 2007
Trust is a key factor needed for effective leadership. The problem today is you can’t tell or even expect people to trust you. . .you must prove it first. In God we trust, but all others bring data - High performance work environments require a deep respect and trust in people. People are not viewed as extensions of machines, objects to be manipulated nor costs to be controlled but rather as thinking and feeling human bei...
  The Top 10 Reasons to Choose Retained Search over Contingency Search
by Art Eyzaguirre - Nov, 2007
Many people always ask me the question, “What is the difference between Retained and Contingency search?” Also, everyone wants to call me a "headhunter" but they really don't know what that means either. I will attempt to dispel some of the myths and clandestine attempts to keep the search industry steeped in secrecy. I believe that companies should be upfront about what they do and let the customer decide if the value of the...
  The Top 10 Reasons to Hire an Executive Retained Search Firm
by Art Eyzaguirre - Nov, 2007
Many companies today look to outside recruiting firms to fulfill their talent requirements. As Michael Dell of Dell computers says, "The ability to find and hire the right people can make or break your business. It's as simple as that." Having been involved with hundreds of downsizings and re-engineering of companies in the last decade, I have been exposed to both sides of the talent wars; the overabundance of people in the m...
  The Pros and Cons of Overqualified Job Candidates
by Linda K. Rolie, M.A., CVC - Nov, 2007
A recent trend is toward hiring more overqualified job candidates. People are expressing interest in positions that provide flexibility in salary and job responsibilities. These are high functioning, professional people who will accept decreased salaries in exchange for 'other benefits' such as a stable or growing company, future growth opportunities, a great working environment, or the challenge of learning new applications....
  Ignoring Sexual Harassment Just Got More Expensive: 5 Tips To Prevent Lawsuits
by Judith Lindenberger - Nov, 2007
My first job after graduate school was working for the federal government in the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). A few months into the job, a woman air traffic controller sued her boss and co-workers in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for creating an offensive, intimidating and hostile work environment at the tune of $1 million dollars. She alleged that they sent pornographic photos across the screen of her com...
  What do You Mean My Organization Is A Stepping Stone? Using Mentoring to Attract and Retain the Best
by David Watson & Judith Lindenberger - Nov, 2007
Published in June 2007, HR Fact Finder August 1, 2007, Associations Now August 2007, Practice Manager December 2007 and OfficeSolutions January 2008. I remember the moment I swore that I would always value my employees. It was the late 90s, I was the head of sales and my boss was sitting across the table. “Sales people are a dime a dozen,” he said. “I could replace anyone working here tomorrow...
  Smart Choices: How to Hire the Right People
by Judith Lindenberger - Nov, 2007
Your organization’s continued growth and success depend on making smart choices and hiring the right people. Today’s economy is exploding with talent, allowing you to be selective about the staff you hire. Yet, the crucial step to filling a position is finding the right talent for your organization – someone that has the skills for the job, easily blends with the culture, interacts well with the team and believes in your mis...
  Bigger Does Not Always Mean Better
by Dr. Wendell Williams - Oct, 2007
Dissecting the hiring practices of a well-known company The Wall Street Journal recently posted an audio weblog describing the hiring practices used by a well-known Internet service provider. Apparently, some people believe this provider is setting some kind of hiring example. However, after listening to the recording, I think it is a better example of a hiring process that sounds good on the surface, but contains some...
  Reducing Sales Turnover
by Dr. Wendell Williams - Oct, 2007
Solutions to two common problems Much of my career has been spent managing, training, and hiring salespeople. In almost every organization, it seems that well-meaning sales managers hinder the hiring process, salespeople actively resist training, and high turnover is the norm. Nowhere have I seen this trend more exaggerated than in financial services. The sales turnover numbers in this industry stagger the imagination....
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