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by GetHired!™ Tuesday, March 29, 2011
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Q: How do you tactfully answer the questions if you were fired/let go from a job?

You’ll want to put some good thought into this ahead of time. Every situation is different, but you don’t want to disparage a former employer regardless of how you may feel about the situation. Try to differentiate between how the job that wasn’t a good fit was different from the job you are currently seeking. Mark it as a learning experience, but be sure do point out how the current situation is different.

Q: What are some web sites where I can research companies?

Company web sites are usually the best place – be sure to check out their careers section, but also browse around for articles and other information. I use Linkedin.com to look up individuals that I may be interviewing with or meet. Also zoominfo.com or jigsaw.com can help get information about the company. Companies also have profile pages on our sites if you find the job on a Local JobNetwork site. [Read More...]