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by Local JobNetwork™ Tuesday, February 07, 2012

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FAQs for Job Seekers
Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions. Please contact us if you have additional questions that are not answered below.

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How much does a job posting cost?

We follow two pricing models: single job postings and subscription packages. Single job postings cost $295, the ad stays online for 60 days, and can be updated or removed at anytime. If you are looking to fill multiple positions, we suggest contacting one of our Account Executives so that we may create a package that affordably, and specifically, meets your recruiting needs.

What extras are included with your job postings?

Our job postings are online for 60 days – this is twice as long as our competitors. We also offer, at no additional charge: a company profile for your company, your company's logo on all job postings, your own Applicant Tracking System (ATS), cross-posting of your jobs to all employment and diversity sites in our network, private pre-screening questions, real-time and weekly activity reports, and auto-reply to candidates. We take pride in providing our customers with value-added services without the added cost.

I'm hesitant to try. Do you offer a "trial" package?

Yes, we are flexible with our packages. We want you to have the package that suits your needs best, and no one knows your needs better than you. Our Account Executives are highly trained to learn about your situation first, then customize a package that would work for you while being priced within your hiring budget.

Job Postings

How do I post a job?

To post a job, simply login and click on the "My Account" tab – this will take you to your dashboard. Then select "New Positions" from the "Job and Project Management Section." Once here, you will be able to fill out a form with the needed job information including position access, description, requirements, compensation, and application instructions. You can also add special positioning tags and applicant questionnaires. The more information you add regarding the position – the better!

How do I edit my jobs?

If you already posted a job that you would like to edit, you can do so by logging in and selecting "Existing Positions" from your dashboard. This will list all of the positions you have on the site and provide you access to edit them.

Why can't I post a job?

If you are unable to post a job, it may be because your account is not authorized. Even if you are posting a free position (internships & positions for teenagers), your account must first be verified. There are a few different ways to authorize your account and perhaps the easiest way is to give us a call. For Direct Hire and Contract/Freelance positions, there is a cost involved. Therefore, you may wish to authorize your account by purchasing online (using a credit card).

I've posted my job, but am not getting the response I'd like. How do I improve my posting?

Make sure to provide complete information in your job postings such as salary range and job responsibilities. Our Account Executives receive extensive training on Internet recruiting strategies and tactics, and are in constant contact with employers throughout the area who often experience the same issue. Don't hesitate to call us and ask for advice.

My job postings sound great. How do I drive more traffic to them?

Even with a catchy, informative posting, you may want to try adding a few options that will improve traffic to your postings and, at the same time, provide branding to become an employer of choice.

Options include:

  • Becoming a featured employer on our homepage
  • Participating in exclusive monthly Premier Employer Events
  • Turning your positions into featured positions
  • Including your positions in our Community Outreach & Diversity Partners program (subscription accounts only) and having your positions sent to Diversity, Veteran, University, Professional/Technical and State Workforce organizations
  • Developing an Employer Branding Site


What is the "resume briefcase"?

Your resume briefcase is a great tool to help organize candidates. If you want to review a candidate's resume at a later time, add it to your briefcase. If you want to hold on to a candidate's information for a while before further consideration, add it to your briefcase.

Why can't I access the resume database?

In order to access the resume database, your account must be authorized to do so. For a guided walkthrough of the database and for questions regarding pricing information, please give us a call.


What makes your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) different from what I use now?

It depends on what you're using, but if you're looking for ease of use with advanced features, we have them. With our ATS, you can redirect candidates from all of your resources, making it possible to manage them all from one source. You can then determine which resources are working best for you. Our Account Executives can walk you through our ATS so you can compare it with what you're currently using and see the benefits for yourself.

What are folders and how do I work with them?

When resumes are submitted to your open positions, they are automatically placed in your "New" folder. After you review the resume, you may want to move it to a different folder so that you can quickly access resumes based upon where they are in the hiring process: "Phone Interview," "Offer Pending," etc. You can create as many folders as you need and then move resumes received from folder to folder as the applicant moves through the hiring process. If you enter a "notification email" address, an email will be sent whenever an applicant is moved to that folder.

My Account

I am one of several recruiters at my company. Can all of us use the site?

Yes. With each subscription, you are allowed 2 users. Additional users can be purchased and added to the account. Each user will have his/her own login and password. So you never have to worry about sharing secure information.

How do I manage access for users?

Every subscription has one Administrator. This is the only person who will be able to add, activate, and reactivate all of the users on the account.

How do I change my account information?

To change or update your Account Information, click on your "My Account" tab and select the Account Information option located under the Account Settings box. Once you have finished updating, click on the "Update Registration" button located at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

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