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Many people work on similar schedules, give or take a few extra hours. The more research that is done, however, shows that individuals need to be chec...
I Want to Be a - Museum Curator
Recorded: 3/3/2015
Duration: 16 Mins
Found in nearly every type of museum there is, including art, history, and even children’s museums, curators are the behind-the-scenes individuals kee...
Job Search Guide - Climbing the Ladder in Stilettos
Recorded: 3/3/2015
Duration: 19 Mins
“If you could do anything in the world without the fear of failing, what would you do?” This is a question asked by author Lynette Lewis in the descri...
Moving Up the Ladder - Myth vs. Reality: Business Beliefs
Recorded: 3/3/2015
Duration: 17 Mins
Ron Baker, radio host of The Soul of Enterprise, joins Tim Muma for the latest edition of Myth vs. Reality. Ron is the founder of VeraSage institute a...
Classroom to Boardroom - Crash Course: Corporate America
Recorded: 3/2/2015
Duration: 13 Mins
Just because you graduate from college doesn’t mean your education has been completed. There’s a lot of business acumen that college graduates lack as...
Community Concepts - Nonprofit HR
Recorded: 3/2/2015
Duration: 17 Mins
Most of the attention in human resources tends to be focused on the for-profit sector; however, there's a potentially greater need in the non-profit w...
Job Search Guide - Is a Recruiter Right for You?
Recorded: 3/2/2015
Duration: 20 Mins
The word “recruiter” often strikes either hope or dread in the hearts of job seekers – there generally is no middle ground. Whether you’ve had positiv...
Whether you’re developing a website for your own start-up business or for a Fortune 500 company, the most significant elements of an impressive websit...
Employment Notebook - What Drives Motivation at Work
Recorded: 2/25/2015
Duration: 21 Mins
With a significant number of American workers feeling disengaged at work, the problem of employee demotivation is widespread. While you may have a gen...
Job Search Guide - Avoiding the Overqualified Designation
Recorded: 2/24/2015
Duration: 17 Mins
For some job seekers, hearing the word “overqualified” during a job interview is a huge fear. Whether you’re a mature worker who is hoping to “scale b...
Moving Up the Ladder - Myth vs. Reality: Mature Workers
Recorded: 2/23/2015
Duration: 16 Mins
There are a lot of thoughts and beliefs when it comes to mature workers. While some information regarding this group may be true, there are also plent...
Employment Notebook - How to Be More Assertive at Work
Recorded: 2/22/2015
Duration: 19 Mins
Being assertive at work can be an important part of your career development. The delicate balance between being too passive or too aggressive may take...
Moving Up the Ladder - Sarah Bird, CEO of Moz
Recorded: 2/22/2015
Duration: 22 Mins
You never know what path your career will take, but the key is to adapt and take advantage of the opportunities you're afforded. Despite a a challengi...
The LJNRadio Quad - Episode 70
Recorded: 2/22/2015
Duration: 24 Mins
The LJNRadio Quad features four of our hosts from LJNRadio, gathering to share their thoughts, ideas, and perspectives on just about any employment-re...
You Do What? - I'm a Hollywood Animal Trainer
Recorded: 2/22/2015
Duration: 23 Mins
As cute and intelligent as many animals are, they still need help landing roles on TV or in movies. That is where studio trainers come into play, prep...
Community Concepts - Ms. Career Girl
Recorded: 2/20/2015
Duration: 14 Mins
Women often face a variety of unique challenges when it comes to their careers, whether it's finding a passion, advancing in their profession, or find...
Technically Speaking - Utilizing Technology in Education
Recorded: 2/20/2015
Duration: 18 Mins
Various uses of technology can be invaluable when it comes to educational success and improved learning. At the same time, people need to be cautious...
Classroom to Boardroom - Digital Technology and Culture
Recorded: 2/18/2015
Duration: 12 Mins
Technology comes in many forms and often impacts society and culture on some level. Understanding the history and progression of technology can give s...
Classroom to Boardroom - Networking Offline is a Must!
Recorded: 2/18/2015
Duration: 12 Mins
Networking isn’t something that you only do online, in fact, networking in person is a must for your job search. You may not know it, but as a college...
Employment Notebook - Why Communication Fails
Recorded: 2/18/2015
Duration: 15 Mins
It's amazing how something that everyone says is extremely important in the world of employment continues to be an issue for these same groups. We're...
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