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Conversations to Help Develop High Performers
Recorded: 5/5/2016
Duration: 13 Mins
One key to long-term, sustainable success is the level of performance put forth by each employee. Not every person comes to your organization as an 'A...
A New Kind of Capitalism, Necessary in a Global Economy
Recorded: 4/25/2016
Duration: 19 Mins
The evolution of business and the economy continues to force organizations to adapt in different ways to remain successful and thrive. Dr. Bruce Piase...
You can find plenty of advice from experts about what you should say and do in a job interview, but the best teacher is often the one who shows you th...
Understanding the Value of 529s
Recorded: 4/20/2016
Duration: 16 Mins
There are a variety of ways you can look to save money for yourself and others, particularly if you're interested in helping fund your children's coll...
How to Thrive in Retirement as a Single Woman
Recorded: 4/19/2016
Duration: 18 Mins
While everyone could use a little advice when it comes to planning and preparing for a successful retirement, single women have a set of unique challe...
We often get caught up in the importance of talent and skill in sports and in everyday work places. The reality is, the most consistently successful i...
Reasonable Behavior or Questionable Actions?
Recorded: 4/6/2016
Duration: 20 Mins
Jim Webber, aka Evil Skippy, returns to LJNRadio to tackle some controversial strategies some employers are using when it comes to their employees, pa...
There are a number of interview questions job seekers mention as being difficult ones to answer. One of those likely to emerge is, "Can you tell us ab...
Productivity Over Being Busy
Recorded: 4/4/2016
Duration: 16 Mins
It seems like everyone is busy at work, but many are concerned that being busy has contributed to a lack of actual production. Kory Kogon is one of th...
Turning the Entry-Level Resume Into One With Experience
Recorded: 4/3/2016
Duration: 12 Mins
Resumes are a popular topic on LJNRadio for good reason, and for this episode Tim Muma takes a slightly altered approach. He speaks with Jessica Holbr...
Important Changes in Social Security
Recorded: 3/24/2016
Duration: 17 Mins
There remains concern over the state of social security and what could be left for people down the road. With that in mind, some changes are already t...
The Pension Pickle and Your 401K
Recorded: 3/21/2016
Duration: 13 Mins
Pensions served a valuable purpose in the past, but they rarely exist now and are handled differently by those who have one. In it's place (sort of) t...
What Dictates and Impacts a Company's Reputation?
Recorded: 3/11/2016
Duration: 16 Mins
A positive reputation can take years or decades to build, but only moments to be tarnished forever. In today's connected world where information is sh...
Investors' Challenging Decisions in an Ugly Market
Recorded: 2/17/2016
Duration: 16 Mins
No one said that investing in the market would be easy, and recently new concerns have risen to cause investors to take note. Les Szarka, founder, co-...
Myth vs. Reality: The Job Interview
Recorded: 2/10/2016
Duration: 23 Mins
The interview starts long before you meet face-to-face with the hiring manager, and it doesn't end until a deal is reached...or you find out you're no...
Unlimited Vacation Perks and Challenges
Recorded: 1/28/2016
Duration: 16 Mins
On the surface, getting unlimited vacation sounds like the perfect benefit for any employee. Until you've been put in this situation, however, you don...
Exit Signs: Successfully Selling Your Business
Recorded: 1/26/2016
Duration: 17 Mins
For the countless business owners working hard to build their company, there will eventually come a time to move on. That can be a physically, mentall...
Traditional businesses often face the tremendous challenge of remaining innovative, relevant and profitable, especially as leadership begins to leave...
Discovering and Hiring Coachable Employees
Recorded: 1/10/2016
Duration: 17 Mins
Every company is searching for the ultimate combination of talent and experience when hiring, but that's both unrealistic and naïve. Larry Weidel has...
Both ends of the life cycle can be challenging for everyone involved. With that in mind, one organization has been merging the two under one roof for...